Air Purifiers / Air Purification Systems

Standalone Air Purifier Units

Air Purifier with advanced AOP Technology. Indoor Air Quality is a widely spread problem and environmental health problem. Tightly sealed buildings and homes can trap indoor airborne pollutants and microbes causing odours, molds, allergies and illness.

Built-in Air Purifier HVAC

Advanced Air Purifier with advanced and patented AOP technology, which significantly reduces odours, pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses in indoor air.

Pure Air Group QuickTreat

Odour-free with QuickTreat. Ideal for hotel and motel rooms, suites and apartments. Can be used to rapidly and effectively treat many odour problem areas during daily maintenance and cleaning operations.

Refrigerator Sanitizers

The Refrigerator Mini Sanitizer / Food Life Extender creates an Advanced Oxidation Process for a continuous air purification and a quick kill of newly introduced odours and microbials.

Food Sector & Industrial Applications

Our Air Purifiers are ideal for industrial applications and the food industry sector. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) is a safe and chemical-free process!