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Pure Air Group AOP DeskAir

The Pure Air Group AOP DeskAir is the latest development in air treatment technology

The AOP DeskAir utilizes a high intensity broad spectrum light waves directed on a sintered catalytic radiant grid which creates an advanced radiant catalytic air ionization that is radiated through a room in complete silence.


Microbials, gases and odours are oxidized and eliminated from the air we breathe.’The environmental air in your room and/or small office is a possible source of contamination, allergic reactions and bad odours. With the AOP DeskAir featuring its innovative oxidation technology and modern stylish design, you can drastically improve the quality and pureness of the air you are breathing and improve the quality of your life.

Sanitizes 74 m3 air in 24 hours

The AOP DeskAir is highly effective against: Airborne bacteria, molds, funghi, spores, all kinds of odours including pet and smoke odours and fine dust.

– No fan
– No moving parts
– No maintenance
– No filters
– Ultra low operating cost (only 11 watts)
– Safe ions and oxidants silently travel throughout room
– Oxidizes bacteria, mold, viruses and VOC’s.
– Oxidizes gases and odours
– Purifies the air up to 74 m3 (in 24 hours)
– Provides clean fresh air