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Pure Air Group AOP Midi

Effective and easy to use – from offices to warehouses

Clean Air Midi is perfect for occupied rooms up to 400 m3: Offices, entrances, locker rooms, restaurants, production areas in the food industry, and warehouses.

It works through seven patent pending technologies

Photohydroionization and six proprietary high efficiency cartridge absorbers. We combined these technologies to provide you with the Ultimate Indoor Air Purifying System. The Clean Air AOP Midi has proven to drastically reduce airborne odours, mold, and bacteria in the 90+ percentile along with significant smoke reduction. Airborne FOG’s also are reduced over 90% for restaurant applications and mercury is reduced over 90% for dental applications.

99% reduction within 24 hours is often achieved

Instead of simple and ineffective filtration, Clean Air Europe unique AOP Technology (Advanced Oxidation Process) creates an advanced oxidation process that provides safe and friendly oxidizers that revert microbes and odours back to carbondioxide and water. These oxidizers are very effective on microbials, odours, and gases.