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Military & Armed Forces

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Ultimate Protection for Troops

Protect against bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks.

Pure Air Group Technology

Military & Armed Forces

The Military and Support sector pride themselves on everything being ‘spotlessly’ clean and ‘ship shape’. The forces enter physically dangerous zones, not just due to the possibility of attack, but also due to the risk of infections and viruses, such as Ebola, that are rife in certain areas across the world. The troop’s welfare is most important, they must be protected so that they can protect us.

Whilst travelling around the globe, the bases, sleeping areas, kitchens, restaurants, medical facilities, vehicles, gyms, etc. are all continually in use by the military team who may have been in contact with infection. This transfers onto surfaces and materials, with the risk of further spread throughout the personnel. Pure Air Group’s (PAG) range of products work at the microbial level. They clean, disinfect, remove odours and leave an invisible layer of protection against re-infection, ensuring the welfare of the personnel, combatting potential outbreaks.

Regular cleaning products rely on reaching every part of the surface to physically remove microorganisms, rather than contain biocides to kill the microbes. PAG products use static to attract the biocide to all surfaces, leaving an invisible, protective layer with a single application. This “residual protection” is safe to contact by people, and leaves the surfaces protected from future infection. Once the facilities have been cleaned with PAG, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for the personnel.