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Residential and Care Home

Protect Your Business and people in your care against 

Protect damage to your business from bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks.

Pure Air Group Technology

Introduction – a safer environment

Outbreaks of infections can mean not only lost revenue but also loss of reputation. Products from the Pure Air Group (PAG) use a unique cleaning and disinfection system provides your care facility with the protection you need to keep your home, clients and staff safe.

PAG – Residential & Care Home Industry

Clients, their families and care workers expect not just that the home looks and smells clean, but that it also has the highest standards in hygiene. Older patients are often more vulnerable to infection, so ensuring the home is free from harmful microorganisms is essential to minimise illness.

From kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and treatment areas to communal areas, PAG’s range of products work at the microbial level. They clean, disinfect, remove odours and leave an invisible layer of protection against re-infection, ensuring the welfare of those living, visiting and working in the home.

When an outbreak of infection or virus, such as the ‘winter vomiting’ Norovirus, occurs within a home it has the potential to quickly spread through the clients due to them often having weakened immune systems. A ‘deep clean’ is essential to eliminate the infection, but it won’t protect from future outbreaks.

Regular cleaning products rely on reaching every part of the surface to physically remove micro-organisms, rather than contain biocides to kill the microbes. The PAG products use string molecular binds to attract the biocide to all surfaces, leaving an invisible, protective layer with a single application. This “residual protection” is safe to contact by people and animals, and leaves the surfaces protected from future infection. Once the home has been cleaned with PAG’s solutions, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for residents, visitors and your team.

To maintain infection control, PAG also offer a hand-washing sanitiser which removes harmful microbes and provides protection for up to 24 hours from a single application.