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Trains & Public Sector

Trains & Public Transport

Protect Your Transport

Protect against bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks using molecular bonding technology

Pure Air Group Technology

Trains & Public Transport

Despite the number of private cars on the road, public transport still moves millions of people every day, especially in densely populated city centres. Each passenger could be carrying a number of potentially harmful microbes, depositing them on any surface they touch, handrails, grab handles, doors and seats. In addition there is also the transfer of infection from respiratory infections onto surfaces close to infected passengers. Ensuring that the vehicles remain not just aesthetically clean, but microbiologically clean is paramount for passenger and staff well-being.

Regular cleaning products rely on reaching every part of the surface to physically remove microorganisms, rather than contain biocides to kill the microbes. The Pure Air Group (PAG) products use static to attract the biocide to all surfaces, leaving an invisible, protective layer with a single application. This “residual protection” is safe to contact by people, and leaves the surfaces protected from future infection. Once the vehicle has been cleaned with PAG, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for passengers and your team.