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Veterinary & Animal Welfare

Veterinary & Animal Welfare

Protect Your Veterinary Practice

Protect against bacteria, viruses and infection using the strength of molecular bonding technology

Pure Air Group Technology

Veterinary & Animal Welfare

In the highly competitive market of veterinary and animal healthcare, image is important and a major part of that image is the cleanliness of the environment. Staff and clients know that many animals attending will be sick, carrying potentially transferrable infections, so ensuring that the space looks and smells clean, in addition to being safe from infection is essential.

Cleaning products specifically designed to clean and disinfect surfaces in use with animal health are used by most practices, but the majority of these use standard ingredients which have been used for over 40 years. With the use of modern technology, Pure Air Group (PAG) products proved a higher level of clean, removing the microbes that could potentially spread infections. Following the cleaning action the products leave a residual barrier on all surfaces to protect them from future contamination.

This “residual protection”, ingredients and products have been thoroughly tested, proven to be highly effective, non-toxic and safe for both people and animals. Once the premises has been cleaned with PAG, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for animals, clients and your team.

To maintain infection control,PAG also offer a hand-washing sanitiser which removes harmful microbes and provides protection for up to 24 hours from a single application.