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Workplace & Office

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Protect against bacteria, viruses and infection outbreaks using molecular bonding technology

Pure Air Group Technology

Workplace & Office

‘Lost working days’ have a big impact on any business, with unplanned ‘sick days’ having an impact both on productivity and scheduling. Keeping the team healthy is essential for both staff wellbeing but also for the business.

How the working space is perceived by employees, employers, clients and visitors is part of the company’s brand. A tidy and clean workplace reflects good business practices, taking care of the environment and the team. However being visibly clean does not mean that the all the microbes that pose a threat to people’s health have been removed.

From offices, toilets, eating areas and recreation facilities they can all carry and transfer harmful microbes from one person to another. Ensuring all areas are clean to the microbial level is the key to maintaining health within the work place, reducing sickness levels.

Pure Air Group’s (PAG) range of products work at the microbial level in all areas of the business space. They clean, disinfect, remove odours and leave an invisible layer of protection against re-infection, ensuring the welfare of those within the environment.

This “residual protection” is safe to be used around people of all ages, and leaves the surfaces protected from future infection. Once the school has been cleaned with PAG, it will not only look and smell clean, but it will be microbiologically clean and protected. Providing a safer environment for pupils, visitors and your team.

To maintain infection control, PAG also offer a hand-washing sanitiser which removes harmful microbes and provides protection for up to 24 hours from a single application.